Established in Canberra in 1982, Instant Colour Press is a locally owned and operated small business.

Conveniently located in Canberra’s Belconnen Town Centre, Instant Colour Press offers an extensive range of Offset and Digital Printing, Graphic Design and T‐Shirt Printing. We provide a top quality, efficient service for large corporations and Government departments, to home office, small business, schools and sporting and community organisations.

ICP runs two shifts allowing increased production catering for those urgent overnight jobs that sometimes arise.


With nearly 15 years dealing with printers it has been refreshing to have a company such as yours provide such a high level of service. It also provides us with confidence that if we need a job completed that ICP is not far away and will always fulfil out needs.

Andrew McGovern, Assistant Director, Census Logistics and Materials, Australian Bureau of Statistics

I have been using ICP for around 14 years now and I am still awe struck with the speed and efficiency with how they manage a project from idea to finished product.

Adrian Heffernan, Transtate Tyres, Ski Racing Australia, Heffelhi Pty Ltd and Transtate Marine